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Shelly BMW has built relationships that are consistent with our values and we strive to fulfill the needs of every customer. Our dealership has built a reputation throughout Orange County providing courteous, honest service. Customers appreciate the way we do business, and we know you will too. Join the family at Shelly BMW today.

We have an excellent customer satisfaction rating. We strive to do this by creating an environment, which develops the strengths and enhances the personal and professional abilities of each individual. Within this environment, we offer our employees a unique, exciting and enriching workplace. Our employees embrace our core values of integrity, respect, responsibility and growth. These are the cornerstones of our business.

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Jon D.

This is my 2nd new BMW I have purchased from a dealership, the first was BMW SF. This time around, I looked at BMWs for about 3 months off and on in Northern CA for the right model/price. Some dealerships and salespeople were better than others.

On a referral from a friend I called Cynda Lancaster, Fleet Manager at Shelly BMW in Buena Park. Not only was she easy to deal with, straight forward, and professional, she was about $3k less expensive than the EXACT same car if I had purchased it from a Northern CA dealership. I should also say that the car I wanted was difficult to get, since there was a 3 way trade with 2 other dealerships, since Shelly didnt have it in stock. Cynda kept me updated daily with calls and emails. Dont waste your time, give Cynda a call and you will a great price and get to work with one cool lady.

Will S.

I was walking by the sales managers room one time and I saw them putting Yelp reviews up and going over them in front of all the sales people. They actually care about the reviews they recieve! Dave Crujido, the best sales manager that gives rock bottom prices with absolute caring service, absolutely loves Yelp and looks at every review personally! Well - let me tell you Dave - thanks for all you do - my new BMW is perfect - and its all thanks to you! Go see Dave Crujido at Shelly BMW for your Yelp special pricing!!

Long L.

I was looking for my first brand new car ever and was referred to Axel Rodriguez at Shelly BMW. I was just looking around really, but after dealing with Axel and him being so helpful, I couldn't help but pull the trigger on the deal. I didn't get any of the expected salesman pressure one would expect at a dealership at all. Actually, it was straight forward and an awesome deal to boot. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Just as a FYI, I had to order my car to be delivered from Germany, so the wait was almost unbearable. I'm pretty sure I bugged the crap out of Axel and the team at Shelly about the status of my order, but they took it all in stride and were really helpful with any of the questions I had. That really helped with the wait. If anything, they know what customer service and met and beat my expectations!

Axel and his team made my buying experience a good one and in a world of worry, that's an A+ in my book. Definitely a repeat customer here when I'm in the market again. Thanks again Axel!

Alex W.

I just bought my first BMW (in fact, first car) from Shelly. Overall, the experience was very nice. I had found the car I was interested in online - a lovely CPO lease return. I called in to ask about it and made arrangements with Axel Rodriguez to test drive it. When I came in, I had to wait a few minutes before they paged Axel for me, but nothing uncomfortably long. My sales experience was wonderful - Axel wasn't at all pushy or unhelpful. He mostly let me come to my own conclusions about what I liked and didn't like, which I think was appropriate given that I already knew a lot about the car and knew exactly what I was looking for. It ended up making me very happy with the car and very comfortable going through with buying it from him. The only reason I dock them one star was a bit ill-spirited of a follow through. I saw the car on a Saturday and went home to sleep on it, though I'd decided by that night that I wanted to buy. After getting back to me Sunday morning that I had, in fact, been officially approved at the terms we'd discussed (.9/48mo loan - bonus points for being the first dealer to treat me like a damn adult, the previous dealer I'd talked to was dicking me around on terms like 84mo at 5.5%, a rate they never even officially quoted me... I digress) I told Axel that I was in, but my ride was out golfing and I wouldn't ask him to be interrupted (dealership is 30-40m down the freeway from me), so could I pick up monday, perhaps making a deposit? No was the response - the car was going to auction monday if it wasn't sold, since it's been on the lot for months. Boss man wouldn't let it sit another day. After some back and forth, they came back with "we'll let you pick up tomorrow if you're in by 8pm and the car hasn't sold to someone physically present, otherwise at 8pm we'll cancel out the deal and auction it tuesday morning." Okay, fine, I'll eat the cab fare to come in. It turns out, some combo of public transit COULD make it out there. Rather than spend $100 one way, I was at the dealer 3.5 hours later.

Anyway, in the end I got exactly the car I wanted, Axel was very apologetic for the scheduling difficulties (and I do honestly believe he wasn't doing it to pressure me at all), and I'd certainly go back.

James D.

I wasn't really sure what to think when I first brought my vehicle here from service but noticed that pretty much every dealer is 3-4 stars. Anyways, I just purchased my vehicle but was told that I had an update to my navigation maps, so I came in to get it updated. I setup an appointment which was pretty easy, came in about 10 min late but they still helped me as though I was on-time. I like this because sometime traffic gets the best of you and at another dealer they put me at the back of the list, which meant 45 min additional wait. I got Fred as my advisor and he was very nice and pleasant. He told me that the update would only take a couple hours, but those of you with BMWs might know that it never really goes that well. Fred offered me a ride to work or a loaner vehicle and he even called me back in the 2 hours and said that my vehicle was ready. I was shocked! Thought for sure the call would have came in 4 hours and that my vehicle would be there all day. Well lucky me, I guess... Came back, picked up my vehicle and it was all washed and clean again. I won't say it was my best experience for service at a dealer but it was definately above most. Thanks!

Jennifer M.

When it comes to great service...Shelly BMW represented hands down! I am very happy with the service department. The minute I entered the door, the following happened: was greeted, told I would be helped by ARVIN MANI, told I was gonna get a complimentary maintenance check for free, wait only 1hr, told I can wait in the customer lounge, enjoy the Nescafe Espresso machine and light breakfast pastries within 10 minutes. I was told "Please have a seat and we will keep you updated on the status of your vehicle!". You have to understand, I dont just leave my baby to just anyone! WOW! I was blown away by great service! I am a forever believer of great service delivered by SHELLY BMW! I will not go anywhere else! Thank again Arvin (Service Rep) you get 5 stars! Very knowledgeable, pleasant and honest!

Service: 5 stars Customer Lounge: 5 stars Appointment: 5 stars Atmosphere: 5 stars BMW Knowledge: 5 stars

Clamon V.

This would be my first BMW. After shopping around on site and online, Shelly BMW gave me the best deal. I would go through their fleet department. The salesman was really nice and informative. The only drawback was probably the service people who washed my car before giving it to me. I already had a few swirl marks from it. Also, Shelly doesn't offer free carwashes like other dealers would.

Jay S.

I wouldn't be back here if it weren't for Vicky Gutherie in the service department. I went straight to her the past three times to get service done on my family's vehicles.

Very honest, isn't pushy, and maintains open communication. If you ever go here, request HER because she's awesome... and tell her Jay (the one w/ the z3) sent you!

Bryan B.

I've been coming here for years! I have gone to Shelly for all of my beemers over the years. This review is actually for the service, but just realized that I never rated any of the purchases. My most recent purchase was a 535i that literally required 30 mins of my time at the dealer, yes I got a car in THIRTY MINUTES. I did most of the leg work online exchanging emails with the internet sales manager, Yi-Wen. He was great! I told him where I wanted to be, he came back and pretty much said you're smokin' crack... I then came up a notch, and he accepted. Five total emails and we were done! I picked up the vehicle that same day and was off... that's how we do it! He took care of my lease turn in on the older beemer and I was off.

Service: Great! I wouldn't take my business anywhere else, covered by warranty or service pkg or not! I've worked with Vicki, Sochilt, and others. Never had a bad service manager. They ALWAYS give me a BMW loaner. I find myself looking for reasons to take the car in, even if there's a tiny little noise. And they're always kind and considerate.

Lawrence Y.

Got my 3-series here a while back. The dealer I had was initially nice but he got frustrated with me toward the end. The guy in the closing department (Steve?) was very helpful and smoothed things over.

Service was great when needed... in the beginning. I had to take my car back for some upgrades the first week I got the car, and I was given a courtesty vehicle (5 series) which made me a happy customer. After coming back for several scheduled maintenance visits overtime, they provided a car via Hertz, and the very last time they couldn't provide anything --- so I sat and waited. I do remember being assisted by Xochi on one of my earlier visits and she was delightfully helpful and made sure everything on my car was replaced/repaired that was still under service/maintenance warranty.

shak taq

Excellent service.A+++++++ Rick krouch is awesome including the rest of their crew. Straight forward. no lies. no BS. no pushing.I drove there from San Diego and got the best deal on2010 X5. other dealers said there is no way that U can get that deal and yes they honored CarMax's offer with no questions asked $1500 above another close by BMW dealer. I wish we had dealers like Shelly in San Diego. Next time I wont waste my time checking other dealers.

Thanks a lot guys.

Jed Venzon

Wasn't sure if I was suppose to stop by and have their service team check out my vehicle since I had went in for service back in December. For 2 days, my 3 series was giving me "Service Engine Soon" and warning symbols, this was and on and off situation. I had made an appointment for service through their website, which was really convient and easy to use. Made my way to Shelly BMW and from the start, I was given fantastic customer service, from pulling up with my vehicle to sitting down with an Advisor by the name of Henry and Vatche. Henry was extremely helpful with the issues I presented him about my vehicle. I wasn't due for a service but they went ahead and offered to check and service my car. Their was nothing in my request they weren't able to perform, nothing negative was brought to my attention with the help and services given. Was offered a loaner car, which was helpful in the end! All of Shelly BMW's staff are great, they're all about pleasing and giving their customers the satisfaction they want/need. Upcoming returning loaner car and then receiving my vehicle, the staff again were kind and also apologetic for taking up my time because it took sometime for my car to be pulled up, which wasn't a problem at all. My 3-series now seems as if it runs even better, cleaner, and smoother. Shelly BMW does NOT disappoint at all. I look forward to getting my next service with them.

Tri Nguyen

excellent service i would give 10 out of 10 stars for you guys ........ i love those hot chocolate and other stuffs there. seller is very nice to us and gave good deals to buyers i felt very happy to buy a BMW car there Thanks a lot guys

Isabelle C.

Excellent service – Fred Thornton is excellent and all the rest of their crew. He replaces my defected part without any question. Love their service.

Alex Kim.

Bought a convertible from this dealership... deal was claimed to be "too good to be true" from other dealerships, turned out to be exactly what I was told; dealt with Axel and Kenny, both real gentlemen. Also dealt with April in finance who was also very polite and efficient. All throughout the process, no pressure and a lot of respect (something you don't get in every dealership). Great place to hang out while getting the car serviced, though snacks would be have been a plus.

Corinna Ma

Based on my last service appointment, the service advisor was not very good about keeping me updated with my car. There was a whole day that went by where I didn't receive a phone call or email with the status of my car. The plus side is I did have a loaner car. The extended warranty doesn't cover navigation. My screen went blank and they said that it would cost $450 to reset it and that MAY work. My other option is to replace it and that would cost $1500... I declined both and when I got my car back.. my GPS was working! So, i'm wondering would i have paid all that money for nothing? Seemed a bit shady to me..

Michele Olivier

Just took my vintage ('03) X5 into Vatche Khedesian for it's regular oil change and inspection. As usual, my 'lil old gal was treated like a brand new 320i and came back to me as clean as one too. Thanks Vatche for the inspection report. I will be in soon.

Brady Schmidt

The service at this dealership is excellent. I took my wife's car in for service and was extremely impressed with the quality of the facility, quality of the work and the incredible customer service.


My previous experiences where horrible..but glad we finally found a service advisor ( Mike ) that we can work with. He always gives us the current status on when our car will be ready and is always communicating with us. Very professional and friendly.

Chad Meisinger

Shelly BMW is top notch from the bottom up! Several weeks ago I filled out a form on their Website for a quote and was contacted promptly the next day. I told them that I wanted to trade in my M3 for an X3 (kids are getting older) and that I only had a 2 hour window to make it happen. Axel took down my information over the phone and had everything waiting for me when I arrived. Things couldn't have gone smoother. We took a 10 minute test drive and all the paperwork was waiting for us when we returned. I was in and out, in less than 2 hours, with the car I wanted at the best price! Everyone involved from the Steve Rudkin, GM to Haoie, Sales Manager to Axel my salesman were true professionals that respected my time and my interests. I would recommend Shelly BMW to anyone in the market for a BMW! -Chad

Albert Tang

Went to the store yesterday to get some quotes. People there were friendly and nice. They answered all my questions and wasn't pushy with the sales. When I make my car buying decision I will definitely be going back to them.

Erick Marroquin

Best car buying experience I have ever had. Cynda Lancaster, the interet sales Manager, was truly amazing to work with. She helped me with the order, tracking of my 5 series vehicle from Germany and the delivery. Thank you!

Jepa Fresc


Purchased a new X3 from Shelly last January. Their internet representatives, Cynda and Paul, were true profesionals. They listened to what me and my wife wanted in a car. When the car that we wanted was not available in their lot, they helped us order it from BMW. They kept us updated every step of the way. I would recommend them to anybody anytime. I would have given Shelly a 5-star rating if not for my initial encounter with one of their sales rep (I believe his name was Hemet?). My wife & I initially visited Shelly in December 2011 to do some research first. When we walked into the showroom, Hemet cordially greeted us and led us to the car lot to look at a couple of X3's. He was very nice until I told him that we were not yet ready to buy that day and that we wanted to do some research first. At that moment his demeanor totally changed. He left us at the lot and told us "he had another customer waiting". He didn't even bother to offer us a test drive or even just unlock one of the cars so we could look at the interior. We immediately left the dealership and decided to try shopping online. We're so thankful that we did it coz we ended up dealing with Cynda and Paul. They definitely saved the day for Shelly.

I recently had a truly awesome and hassle free car buying experience at Shelly BMW. I have been dealing with AXEL RODRIGUEZ for some time and because of his direct approach in answering my questions and ALWAYS giving me the rock bottom price, I decided to finally make the purchase with Axel. I did cross shop a few other dealers and Axel by far gave me the best quote even before I tried to negotiate on the price. Everything was laid out clearly and I double checked all the numbers before going in to see him in person. Unlike many other New Car Client Advisors, I wasn't given any run around. Whatever I asked, I got. I really enjoyed making my purchase with Axel at Shelly BMW, can't speak for others at that dealership but I can highly recommend Axel.

11 months ago

I have owned (not leased) BMW 5 series since 1985 (535i 1985, 530i 1996, 2001 525i, 2012 528i) These autos are very solid, safe, and reliable. I have been in real estate for 35 years now, so I need to make sure I have a car that I can rely on. So with 135000 miles on my 2001 525i, I decided it was time to purchase a new one for myself while I will give my 18 year old daughter my present car. Why? Mainly because it is reliable and VERY safe. Check the crash test ratings! It is also less expensive for me to do this than buy her a used car - I save on DMV fees, Sales Tax, etc. So with this background info, I will tell you that I purchased my 2001 BMW from Cinda at Shelly BMW Fleet Sales (Auto Club Referral). There was no haggling with Cinda. She gave me the bottom line which beat all the other sales people so within one day of calling her, I had my new 2001 BMW. I made sure I kept her card in my BMW car manual, so in 4/2012, I called Cinda Lancaster who is still there. I worked with Cinda and her partner Dave Fritsch when she had the day off. I had the same incredible experience! I am now the proud owner of a 2012 528i! April in Finance was also a great person to work with. I would highly recommend them and Shelly BMW. DeeDee G.

year ago

Best Car buying experience I have ever had!! Went and shopped a couple other BMW and Range Rover Dealers in the area and was getting the typical sales approach until I got to Shelly BMW. I met with Dave Crujido who delivered wonderful customer service and information first and he introduced me to Axel Rodriguez in the New Vehicle Client Advisor department. I'm still in awe at how simple he made the process for me. No hassle, no cheesy sales pitch's, just top notch knowledgeable service that made my purchase of a BMW at Shelly the easiest car buying experience I have ever had. Being a business owner myself (Trinity One insurance in Fountain Valley), I can't tell you how much I value great service. Axel Rodriguez created the customer experience I want all of my own agents to create. It felt like doing business with an old friend. I won't buy a BMW anywhere else period. Thanks again made my day and I absolutely love my car.

year ago

I had a wonderful experience at Shelly BMW! It was my first time there and everyone was really helpful! PETER LU was my client advisor and he was awesome!!! He sat down with me and gave me the best deal and plan for my car!! Peter was very patient as he answered all my questions very thoroughly and explained everything clearly!! He showed me everything about my brand new car! I would defintely recommend everyone to go to PETER LU if you are planning to buy a car here and wanting to leave with a big smile on your face!! I was very satisfied with his professional client service!!

2 years ago

I am a first time buyer with Shelly BMW and I bought a 128i Convertible. The salesman (no longer there) was great to me and offered me a great deal. The service is GREAT (ask for Vicky Gunthery) she will help you out with anything you ask, if she doesn't have the answer she always tries to find out for you!! She has been with Shelly BMW for countless years and has always treated me with respect!! GO TO SHELLY BMW!! They are excellent!! :)

a year ago

Lease my x5 here and couldn't be any happier! Sales people were great and finance with quick with everything! Thanks team Shelly!

a year ago

For years I have been taking my BMWs for service at Shelly for cars that I bought from other BMW dealerships. Shelly always provided clean environment and friendly staff. I bought a 328i from Paul Shin and now I can say the purchase experience was great too. It was easy and fast. No pressure sales technique. Paul followed up with other items that he promissed on time. I highly recommend to ask for Paul at Shelly if you are in market for a BMW.

2 years ago

I am quite surprised at the number of negative reviews (..everything from prejudicial treatment to shady salesmen) that people have posted here about Shelly BMW. I'm an African American male, and I've never been treated this way by Shelly BMW. I purchased my first BMW - an '02 330ci - from Shelly BMW in 2002 (after receiving less-than-adequate service at Savage BMW). Since that initial experience, I've also purchased an '03 and an '05 BMW M3, an '06 330i sedan and currently an '08 M3. My salesman, Yi-Wen Ting, is quite possibly the most down-to-earth, reasonable and forthright salesman that I've ever met. He (..and the service that "I've" received) is the reason why I continue to go to Shelly for my automotive needs. For those of you reading these ratings, take the time to go down to Shelly and talk to Yi-Wen. You will not leave disappointed.

a year ago

bought the 5 seires from Peter Lu in Shell BMW. He is the nice guy and gave to me good price . Thanks Peter take care of me !

a year ago

We are in the market for an X5 and have nothing but positive things to say about Shelly BMW. They are extremely helpful and do not bash their competitors. A little bit of honesty goes a long way.

2 years ago

I took my BMW here after having a terrible experience with another BMW dealership. I was referred by a friend. My experience with my advisor Kayla Takano was nothing but stellar. She was friendly, fast, and honest! I would DEFINITELY return for all services that my car might need, and I have already recommended them to a few of my close friends.